Sunday, May 01, 2005

Best month for our website!

Data for Leading-Learning websitePosted by Hello

This has been our best month according to the monthly data.

Hits per day have risen from 1900 per day last May to 2533 this April

The most hits per day in April were 4000 (after we send out an e-zine the figure peaks to about 7000).

Visits per day have risen from 250 last May to 427 this April. Total unique visits for April 9038

Kbytes downloaded have risen from 33290 last May per day to 737914 this April.

Most popular visited and downloaded material – the educational quotes; approx 50% of all material. Single most download other article the Fullan newsletter ( No 3 2003) Followed by the Te Ara Vision which a number of schools have customized as the basis for their own school philosophy.

In April 22% of all hits were from New Zealand, 4% from Australia, 3% from the USA , 2% from Canada and the remainder from all over the world or unknown.

Our free e-zine now goes out to 3200 members. Newsletters are posted on site.

Bruce’s Blog is now featured on the site but we are not able to tell how often people visit except for those who make a comment. Informal feedback has been very positive – it seems there are plenty of ‘lurkers!’

Check it out every few days – now Bruce’s favourite part of the site!


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the blogs Bruce even though this is my first comment.

Bruce said...

Great to hear from you - come back.