Wednesday, October 19, 2005

See nothing , hear nothing , don't talk to anyone!

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Listen to the voices.

The only way we will get a real change in the basic script of our society is for central government to start listening to the voices of the wider community and, in education in particular, to the voices of teachers, students and their parents

Such a move will be real change of direction as currently we suffer from central paternalism (the government's elite advisers know best) or consumerism (education as a product for students to buy or achieve)and all the deadening asociated compliance requirements.

If personalization of services were to taken on board as government policy direction then things could dramatically change. Imagine if solutions had to involve the very people that require the assistance. If this were to be the case then problems would need to require local answers and need to see people involved as partners in the co- creation of solutions. This in turn would require those in ‘power’ to create the conditions for this to happen.

It is all about tapping into the wisdom that exists in the people who actually do the work or who are involved in their decisions.

This would require those who currently determine what we need in any service to start listening to the voices of the people and to see partnership as the means to provide alternatives to the current contractual standardized 'top down' arrangements.

It would also assist the breaking down of the dependency cycle and the growing feelings of alienation that many people currently feel. It would help individuals, and groups of people, make, and be held accountable for their own decisions and in the process to take a growing responsibity for the control of their own destiny.

This personalization would provide a new organizing principle for the provision of public services for the 21stC

It would be revolutionary goal that would dramatically change the relationship between those who currently provide services and those who currently receive them.

In a school situation students would be expected to be able to write their own scripts and be able to tell their own story about their talents strengths and needs. Teachers in turn would need to see their role as one of mentors, advisers, or advocates dedicated to the personalizion of education of their students.

It would herald a new age of creativity and diversity.It would move away from the current problems associated with trying to make all efforts conform to a past industrial age of imposed audited standards and the ‘one size fits all mentality’.

Public good cannot be imposed from above as is the current situation but what central government can do is to set up the conditions to allow such self organization and participation to happen


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good stuff - what have you been reading?

Bruce said...

I must admit it mainly comes from an article from the UK Demos site.

Anonymous said...

You are right , the 'experts' have to stop thinking that it is their duty to help others and, instead, create the condition so people can increasingly help themselves. People can be helped into helplessness

Bruce said...

Teachers should stop teaching and start listening.