Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No strategy plan for the future!

  Posted by Picasa There is no doubt when you look around the various Ministries and Education Departments around the world the dinosaurs are alive and well.

The world at the beginning of the 21stC seems to have much in common with the age of the dinosaurs. The comet is on the horizon and climatic change is upon us but like dinosaurs we all happily go on as if nothing could ever change.

And, like the dinosaurs unable to change, we seem doomed for extinction. Quite the contrary we seem determined to use whatever resources we have in a frenzy of greed – nations fight over the last drop of oil ( under the name of freedom of course!) .Locally we buy up beach land and build monuments to ourselves and generally pollute our environment.

There are a few who can see beyond expediency and are beginning to worry that it can’t go on as it is – the industrial age has all but destroyed itself and its institutions like school are caught in the same trap.

But who is listening?

In the meantime, out of view, ideas are emerging like the placental mammals in dinosaurs days, that, although they maybe smaller, are more adaptable and flexible. It would be hard for the dinosaurs to believe that they will become the dominant form of the future.

Of course dinosaurs couldn't think and it seems the same could be applied to the current educational dinosaurs.

Who will know what will emerge but one thing we can be sure of – it won’t be because of the current educational ‘elites’: strategy plans, targets, curriculums, contracts and guidelines. These ancient ideas are the last dance of the dinosaurs creaky bones, about as valuable as rain dances in these fast moving times.

Like the old dinosaurs before them the 'educational dinosours, when the future arrives, won't know what hit them! And those that replace them won’t even care except to place them in museums of failed ideas!

If you want to survive keep an eye open for some crazy new ideas!


Anonymous said...

It all seems a bit depressing but as things evolve ( or get worse for the 'dinosaurs') things will change. But, whatever, the changes won't be planned by those facing the wrong century.All we can do is create the right conditions for new ideas and value those that emerge.

Bruce said...

The future will depend on the innovative ideas of people working on the 'fringe' or 'edge' - all new ideas come from the 'edgy' people

In education it means finding , supporting and sharing the ideas of creative schools and teachers!