Monday, June 26, 2006

You heard it first on Bruce's Blog!

The Minister to give a major speech on Personalised Learning at the Primary Principals Conference this weekend!

All I can say it is about time for a new 'direction' - or is it a 'blast from the past' - a case for creative teachers of 'deju vu'. If it is 'back to the future' this time we need to do it properly. And this time it needs to reach the secondary schools! It was at best a 'half finished revolution' in the 60s and 70s!

After years of neglect the Minister is going to dig up the 1939 vision of Peter Fraser and Dr Beeby and give it a fresh take. Yippee!

Time to dump all those silly current curriculums with all their idiotic levels and learning objectives. Down with the technocrats! At last the Ministry ( or their researchers) have caught up with what real learning was always all about!


Anonymous said...

I bet they ( the Minister or the Ministry) don't apologise for taking us all down the wrong track the past fifteen years! And no doubt some principals, with short memories, will even thank them for saving us from themselves ( I mean saving us from the Ministry's technocrats)!

All that time and energy - and creativity - wasted on compliance!

Bruce said...

I believe it is important to give the Minister( Ministry/researchers) credit where credit is due - mind you all the material coming out these days is pointing towards personalisation as the next big thing now that the standards approach is dying.

Bruce said...

The Minister's speech will be posted on the Labour Party's site next week. I am picking it will be an extension of the one he gave to the Hamilton Leadership forum - also on the site. It will sound much like the material being 'talked up' by the UK Minister of Education but who cares.Personalisation is something 'we' ought to get behind - creative teachers have been doing it for decades!

Anonymous said...

If we head down the personalisation track the Minister will have to 'retread' all his advisers!