Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We need a new view point!

  Posted by Picasa For centuries it seems those with expertise have determined what the rest of us want. Many of our current organization are based on this hierarchal authority – somebody always knows best!

This might have worked in earlier times but in an age of open information, information is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Wisdom is no longer restricted to those at the top and innovative businesses are developing ‘learning cultures’ based on agreed values, beliefs and behaviors to take advantage of the new environment. The wisdom and experience of those who interact with, or those who buy or use the services, needs to be tapped and shared with others. Expertise and leadership is to be found in all corners of any organization. The success of any future orientated organization needs to be built on accessing the insights of individual at the front line.

As well people are now demanding the right to develop their own perspectives on life and not to be judged or assisted by those distant from the reality of their own lives. As people search for their own identities they are not looking for organizations to tell them how to act and think. The 'one size fits all' mentality is long gone!

To tap into the energy and ideas of all people is the challenge of 21stC organizations including schools – in fact schools ought to re-position themselves to develop the talents of all students and not to see students as ‘consumers’ ( often unwilling) of their programmes. To do this they have to work in co-operation with all their students to develop individual education programmes. It is the subjective quality of the experience, not the graphed achievement level, that any student values. New metrics need to be developed to assess students’ experience – or any one who receives a service from any organization.

Innovative schools know that the best way to develop life long learners is to ‘engage’ students (a problem endemic in traditional schools). So measuring the success of engagement is vital .How do students’ rate their learning experiences? Teachers (and other serve providers) need immediate feedback on the impact of their actions. They need to access the wisdom and insights of those they are assisting.

In this sense all who provide ‘services’ (including teachers) need to serve people in a way that builds up each individuals capacity for coping. This will require changes and new ‘mindsets’ in all aspects of any organization.

All this is revolutionary. It is those in control who need to assess their ability to make such transformational changes.

We may need ‘new minds for a new millennium’!


Anonymous said...

Developing this new viewpoint is vital if citizens are to feel more than numbers.

Bruce said...

Any 'training' intervention imposed from 'on high' (even under the guise of research) has its 'shadow' side. Teaching and student achievement may improve but at the cost of demeaning teacher creativity, empowerment and ownership. Such contractual interventions are just another case of the 'one size fits all' mentality. And, as time passes, so does the effect - achievement plateaus out and starts to drop.

Far better to discover and share the ideas of creative teachers - but then what will all the paid 'experts' have to do?