Monday, August 13, 2012

Top blogs last month

Find out more about Guy Claxton by clicking on the Educational Books for creative teaching below.

The blog below by a principal that is well respected has been the most popular blog for months and is well worth a read. Since it was written the government has approved of shonky league tables to be placed on the web.I bet he is more disgruntled now1

Read the implications for schools behind the implementation of  national standards and league tables. By now few schools will not appreciate the changes in teaching that  they will cause - unfortunately the general public are  less informed. What is the truth behind the 'one in five students failing'? How well do NZ students do on international surveys?

Art education is at risk with the introduction of league tables - it is worth thinking about how important art (  in its broadest sense) is.

 Creative teaching - personalised learning is a real alternative.

What educationalists underpin your school's philosophy? How many books are you aware of?

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