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Educational Readings: Susan Ohanian, Diane Ravitch,

Educational Readings

 By Allan Alach

As covered in an article below, the re-election of President Obama doesn’t sterilise the GERMS from the US education scene. The “Race to the Top” programme is still alive and well, and so the battle continues. This has obvious implications for the anti-GERM battles in Australia and New Zealand.

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This week’s homework!

Ohanian: Putting a test on computer doesn’t make it up-to-date

Susan Ohanian is another very active anti-GERM campaigner in the USA. Another expert for the power brokers to ignore…  This article is timely, given the corporate funded drive towards online education. New Zealand readers may like to consider e-asTTle  in this light. Note that this is another bequest to NZ education from John Hattie.

The Future of Teaching?

Diane Ravitch commenting on the projected future of teaching in US if present trends continue. Another chance to play ‘spot the similarities’ with other countries.

Why is PISA getting such a bad rap lately?

PISA should be ignored, for many reasons. Amongst these is the fact that countries are rated on the basis of results in one test per subject - sounds familiar?


“Could it be that Standardization is another vehicle for segregation, gender bias, socio-economic division, height, weight, physical ability, special needs. . . Wait!  That's getting scarily like the eugenics of days past. “

Where Are The Poets and Where is Einstein?

Examining the trend to drop the non- tested subjects such as the arts and science and music and so on.

A call for President Obama to change course on education

We must not lose sight of the GERM focus in the White House.

Psst: Heard the one about the National Pupil Database? Thought not

A concerning story from England, matching similar stories from USA. Something to look forward to arriving down under?

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