Monday, September 07, 2015

Kowhai and Whitebait mini integrated units

Get students to observational drawing

Research the Tui
Graph average number of seeds in pods
When I was a school science adviser helping teachers make use of the immediate natural environment was and important aspect of my job. Then as  a teacher making use of the immediate environment was a feature of my classroom.

 In later years ( still a long time ago) ,as a school principal, I used to pass out to teachers ideas for environmental studies.

One  of the most valuable handouts were ideas to make use of the spring flowering of the Kowhai one of New Zealand's iconic trees. 

What would be others?

As it is in full flower at present there may be New Zealand teachers who might find the ideas useful

An adult iuanga - whitebait

Another useful idea was studying whitebait.

As it is  currently the whitebait season and they make a relevant natural science and sustainability study.
An interesting life cycle

Be interesting to research other animal with interesting life cycles - eels for example.

Be interesting to do an  environmental audit of your school  to note possible  studies.

Spring bulbs and flowers are other good study ideas.

Such studies  were once a common feature of New Zealand schools.

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