Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lots of data about our site

Usage by country February 2005 Posted by Hello

It is always interesting to see the usage of our site which is posted every day just after midnight. Like a lot of data that schools seem obliged to collect it is more interesting than useful to us. One thing we are amazed about is how popular our educational quotes are; 40% of all hits. Just place the term in a search machine and our site comes well up on the first page.

As at 8th February the daily average 'hits' for our site is about 2300 with 3793 hits ( 480 visits) recorded yesterday.

Last month the daily average was 2381 ( 312 visits) which was the most 'hit' month since we established our site in 2001. In those early days we received about 500 hits a month ( 50 visits).

The highest daily hits was 30th December 2004 when we received 7025 hits. This was unexpected as we usually get the highest hits/visits after we send out an e-zine. Our free e-zine currently goes out to 2300 people.

15% of visits are a direct request the remainder are from a variety of search machines.

As for countries, in the above pie graph, 20% are from New Zealand, 4% from the UK, 4% from Australia , 2% from Canada, 60% are unknown or network or US commercial and there is a long list of countries that visit that are less than 1%.

Interesting to us but not very useful. Like a lot of data.

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