Thursday, March 13, 2008


If you want to gain insight into project based learning then take a look at this Edutopia article and then visit site to see if you can find a series of wonderful small videos based on real life investigations at all levels of the school.

This is the George Lucas ( of Star Wars fame) educational site which features real life cross curricular learning integrating information technology.

Wherever you end up on the site it will be well worth the effort.

While you're there join up for the Edutopia free newsletter.

Edutopia is all about inquiry learning where students become, 'seekers, users and creators of their own knowledge' that the 'new' New Zealand Curriculum is all about.

For more about Project Based Learning and even more.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Bruce ... a whole heap of thought provoking articles!

Bruce said...

Jody,check out the nine minute video on Project Based Learning - see last link (at bottom of the linked article). Excellent for staff discussion.