Friday, December 31, 2010

A few quick New Years resolutions!

This will be short and sweet.

I don't usually make , or keep, New Years resolutions but this year will be different!
So hear goes.

This year I will pull back from working in schools. Over the years, beginning in the sixties, I have worked with countless people, influenced some but only really worked with a dozen or so like minds - and most of these people a number of years ago. I will just keep up with my reading ,blogging and writing. I still have one major presentation to make late in January and will pick my presentations in the future.

I am going to put my energy into my garden which is becoming my latest enthusiasm - I have built several bridges and walkways and planted lots of new plants. I intend to spend an hour a day in my garden.

I am going to take up painting again -well I never really took it up but this year I will make a real effort.

That should be enough to keep me busy.

All the best to every one for the New Year!

Hell I turn 70 this month - others can hold up the creative teaching flag from now on!

Jan 1 2011

PS I said 'pulling back' not giving up - putting my energy where it counts most with those inspirational creative teachers; the future leaders.


tom said...

Happy New Year Bruce - gardening, painting and writing - sounds like a great way to live.

Every best wish and creative energy to you!

Bruce said...

Thanks Tom.

Hope the New Year goes well with you.

Pauline said...
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Pauline said...

Happy New Year Bruce, You have inspired so many teachers and their students.

This is your time.
Enjoy reinvention of your own creativity which you have so willingly shared.
We look forward to your writing and musings

Bruce said...

Thanks Pauline

You might note I changed a few words in my blog but I do feel that I need to get involved with a bit of personal 'creative re-invention'.

Allanah King said...

I'll be at the gig at the end of January. Sitting in the front row- ready to lap up your wisdom.

NZ is just the best country to do what you want to do in.

It's fabulous that you get to enjoy it. Balance is a wonderful thing.



Wayne said...

At long last - some paintings - how about a joint exhibition - that might motivate me as well.

Bruce said...

G'day Wayne.Why not!
I have every intention!!!