Sunday, February 11, 2007

Are you a creative thinker?

Some people are simply excited by ideas.
Some people become excited by the prospect of new ideas? They are expert in sensing new trends and embryonic thoughts that slip below the radar of their more pragmatic or practical friends.
Original and different ideas attract them but it takes time to be accepted by others and to gain a reputation for having something of value to say.
I guess this acceptance depends on how far away from others your ideas are.
In today world ideas are at a premium and workplaces are continually searching for talented people who have ideas to share. Ideas are the new capital, or intellectual resource, in a world that increasingly values creativity and innovation. By sharing ideas some individuals gain a reputation for being an 'ideas person'. They are what is being called 'knowledge workers', or better still, 'knowledge creators'
Schools ought to be about fostering creativity of all students rather than focusing on academic achievement. If they were to foster creativity they would value their students curiosity, passions and talents and to assist them push the boundaries of their own personal discoveries.
It is not aways necessary to come up with original thoughts. It is equally a sign of intelligence to be able to recognise the potential of original thought no matter where it comes from.
Organisations, including schools, need to learn how to manage and develop such creative intelligence. This is difficult to do in organisations designed for the industrial age. If organisations don't change such people will leave, taking their ideas with them!
Developing a culture to attract and keep top talent will be the challenge of future leaders in any organisation.It is about keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive; anything that stifles creativity and initiative needs to be changed.
Flexibility, a culture that values sharing across disciplines , the valuing of mistakes, and the 'swiping' of ideas from anywhere, will be the key to attract such individuals.
Unfortunately schools, as they are currently structured, couldn't have been planned to destroy talent and creativity if they had been designed to do so.
Who are the 'ideas people' you value?
Are you seen as an 'ideas person'?
Does your school focus on developing all your students' talents and creativity?


Anonymous said...

Creative 'ideas people' are in short supply in our compliance dominated education system.

Anonymous said...

You are one of our 'ideas people' Bruce - keep on inspiring us all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,
creativity always interests me in the school setting. I came across a program a few years ago called GENERATING GENUIS: CREATING A CULTURE OF CREATIVITY.(you can GOOGLE that)
It's brilliant. It took me 12-18 months to fully undersatnd its power.
It's a middle years program, but i use it in my work, and dare I say my life.
And its amazing the results it delivers.
I've started using it with the 'naughty' kids that get sent my way as welfare co-ordinator.
Best way to change the self-fulfilling prophecy of 'the bad kid' is to help manufacture some success.
I'm sure this program will develop that.