Monday, January 20, 2014

Beginning the school year - what attitudes do learners have towards aspects of schooling?

hat attitudes do students bring with them?

In a few days teachers and students return to school to begin a new year.

One excellent idea is to gather data about students current views on a range of school activities. Ideally this would be best as a whole school activity and the information gained used to suggest area for teachers to improve attitudes. Student poor attitudes interferes with their achievement levels.

Teachers could draw up a simple form for students to indicate their attitude e.g. a one to ten scale with one being 'I don't like'  and 10 being 'really like it'.

Some ideas to consider might be to mark using the above scale students attitudes towards:

1  Reading?
2 Maths?
3 Science - experiments/technology?
4 Science - natural history?
5 Physical education/sport.?
6 Writing?
7 Using internet/smart phones/video?
8 Art?
9 Music?
10 Social studies/history/geography?
11 Environmental studies?
12 Dance?
13 Field trips?
14 Spelling?
16 School generally? 

It might be useful for the teacher to go through before using with the class to indicate their attitudes when their age (to show they are 'human'!) - and to show how they have improved. Some areas might need clarification.

Teachers could use the data with the class to make graphs of most popular activities etc.

It might also be useful for teachers to refresh by referring to the New Zealand Curriculum the 'essence' of each learning area - and to share with students.

The message teachers want to give that she/he will do his/her best to help students improve areas that they are not confident in.

The activity could be repeated end of the term / year - hopefully attitudes will have improved.

Something to think about - ideas for studying the Treaty of Waitangi.


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