Wednesday, December 07, 2016

End of Year Student Survey

 Student feedback to implement next year.

A culture of creativity or conformity?

At the end of the school year it is a good idea to gather information from the students you are passing on. Not only is this a chance for you to get some insight about your teaching but it is also a great way to value the ‘voice’ of your students.

You might also like to think about developing a similar survey for the beginning of next year to give some insight into student’s attitudes that they bring with them to your class. You could include the various learning areas, what they are expecting to gain from the year with you, and what questions they would like to find out more about. You might be able to work the later into a negotiated curriculum?

How much have National Standards distorted your teaching?

For the students at the end of the year:

1. What have been the best things you have done this year? Why?
2. What would you liked to have done more of this year?
3. What didn’t we do that I wish we had?
4. In what way have I changed this year? What areas have I improved in, or grown to like more?
5. What were the things I didn’t like most this year?
6. What would you change about how I teach or the class?
7. If you were giving advice for next years students of how to survive in style in my room, what would you say to them?

Do teachers listen to students 'voice' or  tailor learners to their plans?

Below are some interesting sentences for students to finish that will give you some idea of how they see schools, teachers and themselves.

A school is a place where……………..
A teacher is a person who…………………
A student is a person who………………

It is interesting to see what metaphors students come up with and if they see themselves as learners or someone who is taught things.

Do students see school as a place where teachers tell them what to do or a place full of opportunities to learn new things? 

Ideally it would be preferable for students to see their teacher as one who helps them learn for themselves not just a person who 'teaches' them things. 

Once again it would be preferably for students to see themselves as learners not people who do as expected by their teachers/school.

Try it. You might be surprised. You might even learn something!

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