Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Encourage creativity

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One of the best sources of innovative ideas is ' Fast Company'. If you visit their site you can join up for a free e newsletter. Although the magazine's focus is the business world the ideas apply to education.

A recent newsletter was about a design firm whose ultimate product is the process of creativity itself and in particular the need to 'encourage wild ideas'.

Sounds a bit like a creative jazz group - a place of continual experimentation. Everything is organized into project teams. The most important thing, the article writer noted, is 'that creativity gets stifled when everybody follows the rules.'

The design firms five principles for brainstorming ideas are:

1 Stay focused on the topic
2 Encourage wild ideas
3 Defer judgment
4 Build on ideas of others
5 One conversation at a time

Sounds like a good idea for a creative staff meeting based on a current issue or problem?

After a decision has been made speed is the issue. It is all about 'enlightened trial and error'.' Enlightened trial and error beats planning anytime.'

Future school cultures should be centers of creativity not compliance.

The illustration, based on using a Maori symbol ( the 'koru' ),was produced by a group of ten year olds and is a great example of focused enlightened trial and error!

The 'koru' is a symbol, or visual metaphor, for unfolding growth.

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Anonymous said...

Enlightened trial and error would be preferable to the boring strategy plans schools have been asked to develop.

We are all so obsessed about planning and proving when we should be looking towards the future with an open mind - using those principles.