Saturday, December 25, 2004

A quality experience

St Mary Church New Plymouth Posted by Hello

An ink drawing done by a ten year old before the days of Tomorrows Schools. Today too many teachers are too busy trying to cover countless strands, targets and objectives to spent such time on one activity.

The young artist spent the morning capturing the image of St Mary church in New Plymouth. Not only does the student exhibit a talent for art she has, through the reflective act of drawing, learnt a lot about the church and whatever else she may have been thinking about.

As well it is easy to see that she had a gifted teacher who taught her the observational and drawing skills to be able to concentrate on the task for a morning followed up by further work back at school.

What has been learnt by this student is, not only the importance of observation and personal effort, but an appreciation of a sense of excellence. These are attributes that will serve her well in later years.

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Your site a goldmine of great ideas. Thanks Bruce and Wayne.