Thursday, December 16, 2004

What have you added to your C/V this year?

One of my favourite writers is Tom Peters the business guru. Tom is a really creative thinker and one who educators should make time to read. His books are full of passion and energy; he hates mediocrity and is almost evangelistic in his beliefs about the need for personal and organizational transformation. His latest book ‘Re –Imagine’ should be on the shelf of every creative teacher and has a great chapter on education. More fun than dull Ministry documents which wouldn't be hard!

In one of his books he gives advice for people that they ought to review what they have specifically achieved the past twelve months so as to add to their resume. I think it is good advice for teachers who want to make a creative contribution.

1. What new ideas did you undertake this year?
2. How did it benefit your students or the school?
3. Can you provide references who can testify your efforts?
4. Who are the important contacts you have made this year?
5. Can you explain precisely why what you have learnt that makes you more valuable to your school?
6. What can you add to your C/V or Resume?
7. You might also like to consider what it is you think you are known for?
8. What do you want to be known for next year?
9. What ideas do you have to develop next year?

Tom believes you should take this advice seriously – it is about your professional life, or death. As Helen Keller wrote, ‘Life is ether a daring adventure, or nothing!’

The above ideas contribute to what Tom calls your 'renewal investment plan'; that is if you don’t add to your value you will depreciate and be left behind. In teaching it is starting to repeat the same year each year! I have seen many teachers whose careers have stalled because they didn’t keep learning. Some principals are so busy that they forget that their number one role is to be the head learner! The more senior you are, according to Tom, the more audacious you need to be. This, he says, is seldom the case. Bottlenecks are always at the top!

So do something different next year! Do you really think that what you are worried about this year will be remembered by anyone next year?

Take time to stop and think and dream what could be over the holidays. Consider transforming your school into a centre of creative transformation for both teachers and students – make that your Ministry Target!! I loved the quote from Bryce Courtenay at a Principals Conference, ’If you are going to skate on thin ice , tap dance, and go down in style!’ Have some fun!

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Bruce said...

Good advice.I'm on to it!