Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last thoughts for 2006

I haven't had the opportunity to post a blog since before Christmas.

And as well I have lost a bit of motivation to do so.

I usually enjoy writing blogs as often as I can, more for my own benefit than anyone elses who may happen to read it - although it is always a thrill to get a response from someone. And I really enjoy replying to anyone who does take the time to comment.

More often than not I hear from people I meet that they enjoy my blogs and that they often make use of them for professional reading. For all this I guess I write them for my own benefit to clarify my thoughts but I do enjoy seeing them posted. It is really a modern form of public diary writing that once you start you feel you need to keep going!

I selected the starfish illustration because it reminds me of a story you often hear presenters use to indicate that even small efforts contribute in some way. The story, for those who haven't heard it, is about a man walking along a beach who notices in the distance another man throwing back into the waves stranded starfish baking in the morning sun. The first man asks the other why he bothers to throw them back because there are so many stranded starfish it hardly matters. The man replies, picking up another starfish and throwing it into the waves, ' it matters to this one'.

I guess I hope that what I write matters to someone but , more importantly, it means to me that I haven't given up hope of making a small difference.

As the year draws to an end I will have to decide whether or not to carry on but it is really no decision. I still remain fascinated by the world of ideas, particularly in education, but generally in contributing ( in very small way) to a better world. And every year I appreciate that education is too important to be left to schools; too many of which are locked into a conservative 'mindset' formed in a past century.

I have believed for years that we are on the verge of a new ecological 'world view' that will transform all our current organisations that have been shaped by outdated industrial aged thinking. Sooner or later a major shift of consciousness will happen and a new creative era will emerge forcing all failing organisations to transform themselves. A kind of second Renaissance.

I can't wait until this happens but I guess I will have to.


Tom said...

I read your blogs Bruce. Thanks for making the effort. You often remind me about why I teach and I feel enthused to continue to stick with it. I am trying harder to be a better teacher because of what you write so please keep on going !

Anonymous said...

Bruce you have given me inspiration on many occassions to continue my BOT role. So many teachers lack the committment to make a difference so its always great to read your blog

Bruce said...

Thanks Tom and Anon - appreciated. Now let's get back to the party!'

Anonymous said...

Bruce - keep on blogging. Some of us out here rely on your inspiration.

Bruce said...

Thanks again.

Well it's the beginning of a new year - so we are all a bit older and hopefully wiser but, as someone once said, 'age is compulsory wisdom optional'.

In this age of instant communication and technology wisdom is what we want - a bit more 'we' and a little less me!

Let's hope 2007 brings us all closer to developing a sustainable environment - one with a place for us all not just the rich, famous or greedy!

Anonymous said...

Jody here - I read your blog too. As you know Tom and I share what has 'spoke' to us in your blogs and the conversation you contribute to in our teaching careers and development to further step closer to the 'idealistic' idea of the teachers we want to be is very valuable.
Thank you for your thoughts, honesty and passion. You are an inspiration. You are making a difference to children of today. You have taught me plenty.
As you pause and consider 2007 ensure you 'blink' at your own contribution - I'm sure you'll be pretty pleased!

Bruce said...

Thank you Jody. I really appeciate what you have said - I 'blinked',as you advised, and it felt good!!

Anonymous said...

I hope it feels as good when I 'blink' in my classroom later this year!