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What teachers did under National / the urgency to unlearn / the future of learning / the challenge of creativity.

The end of a week of rolling strikes in NZ
Education Readings

By Allan Alach

Every week Bruce Hammonds and I collect articles to share with teachers to encourage a creative approach to teaching and learning. I welcome suggested articles, so if you come across a gem, email it to me at

Why didn't teachers strike when National was in? I'll tell you what we did!!
Confronting National's Min Tolley
This blog post aims to put that to bed.  Because teachers did not sit quietly during National's tenure.  They, with the NZEI and PPTA, stood strong against #GERM neoliberal policies set up to destroy our free quality public education system.  Because of teachers, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins and the coalition government have the bones and a bit of flesh still left.’

Why Are We Still Assigning Homework?
‘I am asking that teachers who are assigning homework really think about why you are assigning it. I want parents to think about why they push for it.  As I have talked to parents, teachers, kids, administrators I have never heard anyone say, “I love homework. My kids get so much out of it!”’

What we don’t teach children
What is real? It’s a simple question, but one worth asking if you’re at a young age.
In my work in education, I’ve often come to the conclusion that the most important thing we can encourage students to do is this:Question reality.

The Magic of Validation
Validation is the act of recognizing and affirming the feelings or perspective of another person. It’s acknowledging that these thoughts and feelings are true for that person. It’s a very simple, astoundingly fast way to make progress in a conversation: It eases tension, builds trust, and gets you and the other person to a solution more quickly.’

The Urgency to Unlearn
‘To be blunt, in the 10 years since posting, none of the things on my list of “10 Things We Need to Unlearn” have we actually unlearned. In fact, I’m hard pressed to argue that we’ve even made inroads on any of them. That said, is anyone surprised?’

Literate, Numerate or Curious?
‘Here’s an interesting question for your next workshop, faculty meeting, or maybe even a dinner party?“Would you rather that your children were literate, numerate, or curious?” Pick one, and why?For many, it’s a tough choice; for most, you want all three. But if you had to choose one, which one would it be?’

The future of learning - Australia
‘Very quickly I realised this school is unlike most others. Firstly, traditional classrooms don’t exist; instead, the learning spaces are rich and engaging in their own right. Instead of rows of desks, you’re presented with learning spaces offering a real difference.Most of the spaces have been crafted to provide engaging and immersive environments designed to spark the imagination.’

Learning About Learning
‘After more than forty years learning about learning, I’m intrigued by how much I still need to learn. Does this apply to you?’

4 Skills and Traits Great Schools Teach That Will Always be Essential
'Most educators are aware of the “Four C’s” (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication) and their importance in schools for ensuring the development of today’s skills in our students. But there are other essential skills and traits that are extremely important;.

How to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher
‘Transformational teachers share best practices, build mentoring relationships, observe their peers, keep things fresh, model their subject's usefulness, and demonstrate caring beyond what they teach.’

From Bruce’s ‘goldie oldies’ file:

Gardner on creativity – are schools encouraging creativity? The challenge of creativity.
‘Gardner says his audiences expect him to fully endorse creativity but creativity in human history was ‘neither sought after nor rewarded’.  Human societies are naturally conservative – and schools particularly so. Humans strive to maintain their current position and in schools this mitigates against educational innovation and interdisciplinary leaps.’

Experience and Education -John Dewey 1938
Such a lot of the ideas expressed today have their genesis in the ideas of John Dewey.That Dewey's ideas have yet to be fully realised says something for the power of conservatism in education.’

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