Monday, January 31, 2005

Dr Seus

Powerful advice from DrSeus S. Posted by Hello

Sometimes school people, I am reluctant to say educators, make learning all too serious. This page from a Dr Seus book provides a simple but not simplistic message.

Professional 'school people' have created (or has it just grown like Topsy?) a complicated dysfunctional 'system' that worldwide fails approximately one third of it's students. And all too often the students are blamed, or their parents, but rarely the school, the teachers or the lack of real community adults have created.

If students have been helped to use the 'brains in their heads' in a positive way; and if their talents have been developed they can all 'go great places'; and if they have been helped develop positive attributes and values they can 'steer themselves' and 'go in any direction they choose'.

So what stops so many of them?
Why don't we simply ask them?

Who has read 'Doofendorfer School' by the Dr?

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Bruce said...

These great thoughts by Dr Seus are a feature of Springlands School Blenhiem