Saturday, January 22, 2005

Where From? What is the current reality? Where to now?

Paul Gauguin's Painting 54"X150" Posted by Hello

In 1897 artist Paul Gauguin found himself in a mood of depression. He was in poor health and financial strife and things became worse when he heard of the death of his 20 year old daughter. Finally he lost his home in Tahiti. In September of 1897 he wrote ‘nothing is clear ahead of me and no hope left. What shall I do?

At this point Gauguin painted the largest painting he had ever undertaken before what he anticipated would his death. He called this painting, ‘Whence do we come? What are we? Where are we going?’

Following this painting he made a fresh start and his next painting was about serenity and communion with nature. Nothing in this new painting derived from work done before. It marks renewal and a fresh start. As well his material situation improved although he was never to receive much of value for his paintings. He lived unrewarded and unrecognized dying in poor straits in 1903

The three questions are important for each of and to the organization we work in and I guess for the fate of the world itself.

1. What is our history – how did we come to where we are?
2. What is the current reality?”
3. What do we need to do to improve things?

If we focus on the first two the third might take care of itself?

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to facing up to reality Carl Jung, the Psychologist, had it right when he said:

'People can't stand too much reality.'

Easier to believe everything is OK!