Thursday, January 20, 2005


A simple but effective display .Students aged 7/8 Posted by Hello

This simple display arose because of a bed of spectacular sunflowers couldn’t but help attract students attention.

The teacher wisely capitalized on the excitement and the display above shows some of the quality observational work that resulted. What can’t be seen are some magnificent paintings by class members in the style of Vincent van Gogh completed following research into the life of the artist.

As part of the study students also studied the mathematical patterns of the seed heads and measured the rate of growth and height of the flowers. The students also grew sunflower seeds. Simple charts are also on display elsewhere in the class showing the research students completed based on some key questions negotiated with the class. These charts also include poetic writing based on their impressions written after sitting below the flowers.

All simple, effective and memorable.

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent display of student work - and you can see the hand of a great teacher.

Imagine a whole school of such magnificent work!