Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beginning teaching or another year another class

A new class of very different individuals

I was talking to a young person the other day who said she was beginning her first year of teaching next month. I think she was worying about how it would go and I didn't help by saying, 'In teaching there is no shallow end, you get thrown into your class and just have to do your best!'

It is great when schools provide beginning teachers with information well before school starts but all too often all most beginning teachers get is a day with the staff before school starts.

Beginning teachers might like to download the following three articles about the first few days.

Beginning teaching (1)
Beginning teaching (2)
Great Expectations.

For more help:

Henry Wongs ideas
More from Henry Wong

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the valuable links - appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Those first few days are important.The lucky beginning teachers are those in schools with the best leadership. Many first years are left to struggle in some schools and do not establish a good start in their teaching careers.