Thursday, June 21, 2007

The future is coming -are we ready?

A book we all should read 'New Zealand Unleashed' by Steven Carden.

The future is coming but are we ready for it is the theme of Steven Cardin's book. the book looks at what sort of society New Zealand will need to be to best tackle an unpredictable future. It is about how New Zealand can thrive on the uncertainty of the future, rather than fear and resist it.

Steven Cardin is management consultant working for McKinsey and Co who has just returned to NZ from overseas. He was one of the five New Zealanders to be awarded an inaugural Sir Peter Blake Emerging Leaders Award.

I think we should 'listen' to what he has to say.

The three traits that determines a countries ( or an organisation like a school) success are:

1 Lots of ideas have to generated - he calls this creativity and creativity fuels innovation. Therefore it needs to be encouraged and nurtured.

2 The ideas of others needs to be absorbed. Being a 'sponge' for ideas develops the vibrancy to adapt.

3 An adaptive society( or an organisation such as a school ) needs to be willing to change. Tolerance towards change allows the hard decisions to be made.

This, Cardin suggests, is no miracle cure but the solutions are to be found in the way we think; in our attitudes as much as our actions. It seems, from reading the book, there are more reasons not to change than to do so, but if we want to thrive as successful nation in the future we will have no choice. The same applies to each of us and to organisations such as schools.

My advice is to buy the book and start to think about 'our' future - and what we need to do as a nation( or as a school) to thrive.

Has anyone out there read it?

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Bruce said...

It was great to great an e-mail from the author asking my view if I thought current education was able to develop the creativity of all students - my answer would obviously be no.