Saturday, June 09, 2007

Imaginative art by 6 year olds


Three supermarket pictures and work arising from a 'sun smart' unit.

It was great visit a school last week to see a range of quality children's' work.

The student's in one class had obviously visited the local supermarket as part of one of their studies. Not an uncommon event but, in the hands of a perceptive teacher, the class members took the time to really take in the experience through their senses.

On return to the class the 'rich' experience was then interpreted by the children with the obvious help of a creative teacher - a teacher who values coming alongside the students to help all students succeed .

The students also learn in the process that a thing worth doing is worth doing well.

Their was a obvious pride by the students in their work.

To me, this small episode of teaching, illustrates well the simple secret of quality teaching and learning. I can imagine all the interactions and 'learning conversations' involved in such a teaching event.

This sense of quality pervaded the whole school.

I look forward to returning to see further progress.
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Anonymous said...

Walking into a clasroom you can soon see if it is 'quality learning centred environment' by the quality of both the product and the processes involved.