Friday, January 20, 2017

More light holiday reading on education - and Donald Trump.

The pressure to privatize public education apparent in the appointment of Secretary for Education by Donald Trump

There is an amazing amount of Federal money  up for grabs for those who believe in Charter Schools . Sadly Americans spend highly per pupil for education but are well down in international scoring - no wonder charter schools are attractive.

What is required, rather than privatizing schools, is a transformation of the public school system - to move it away from the current standardization to a more creative personalized approach - away from Henry Ford and back to the progressive ideas of John Dewey 

We need schools premised on developing the gifts and talents of all students.

America has paid the price for standardization of education with their large factory test orientated schools.


Teachers need to be freed to teach and to be respected - and given all the resources and help they need - not blamed for system dysfunction.

There are creative teachers who understand what John Dewey wrote about - and even a few schools. Sadly most schools are still about conformity and standardization not creativity and diversity. No wonder people see charter schools as an alternative.

Learning needs to relevant, real and rigorous -  authentic.

Relevance depends on the artistry of the teacher to personalize learning. Since the need to learn is an innate attribute of human being from birth this ought not to be a problem? That something that starts so well but ends so badly for so many students is the problem.

Time to take Sir Ken Robinson's advice! Schools premised on developing creativity

Schools are robbing too many students of tomorrow!

As John Dewey wrote 'Children are people, they grow into tomorrow only as they live today.'

Creative teachers create the conditions for all to grow- not to tests, label, sort and demean their students.

The culture ( environment) shapes all for better or worse.

Too many schools are suffering from an imposed obsession of evaluation, assessment and documentation - see below!

Teachers should be focused  on providing  positive conditions for all to grow to develop their unique talents rather  being exhausted by documentation requirements. 

As a wise of teachers once told me : 'teachers have two things to protect - their time and their energy - if they waste it on bullshit they can't teach' ( Howard Wilson New Plymouth NZ.) 

Peter Drucker, the respected business philosopher, wrote: 'the first country to develop the creativity of all its students will win the 21st Century.

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