Friday, January 13, 2017

Reflecting on education -light holiday viewing


Hekia Parata has gone - and our populist Prime Minister - and 2017 is an election year.

Time for teachers to get political if teaching is to be more joyful and creative for students and teachers

Some teachers ended last year stressed to the maximum.

Time to place developing students , talents, passions and creativity central.

National Standards are distorting education!

Schools have been sucked into formulaic teaching : WALTS, success criteria, and in the process student 'voice' and idiosyncratic creativity has been neglected.

The real life world of the learner is being lost.

Forget your plans - help the students learn - personalize learning not standardize it!

Its not MLEs, ILEs. FLS, ( or whatever they are called these days) or technology. What is required is a creative teaching pedagogy.

Students need authentic ( to them ) learning experiences.

Forget all those 'experts' ( someone who never has to do what they say). The answers lies, as always, with creative teachers. Look out for them - they are the ones questioning things!

Why do we have to do this?

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