Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A walk around my bush track

It is such a nice day I thought I would share pics from my bush walk.
The beginning of the walk.
On left crown  and hen and chicken fern.
On right hostas getting ready to burst into leaf above them a native  techomanthe vine

The first boardwalk over a very swampy section.

I have a collection of ferns on the right.

Before the boardwalks it was all but impossible to get around the section.

The second boardwalk.

A small creek seeps under the boardwalk.

The track works it way along a steep bank which has two very old puriri and a group of mangeo.The big tree in view is a tawa - other big trees are pukatea

The track slopes down the hill to the biggest bridge across the stream.

The fern at the bottom is a king fern, parapara, or horseshoe fern which is common in my bush. In native bush eaten out by wild pigs

The bridge turned out to be too low and turned into a dam during a major flood - problem solved by clearing up the stream improving flow.

View from bridge looking at track along valley floor.

Crown ferns, nikau and astelia  established along track.

Once regularly flooded this problem, as mentioned, has been solved( more or less). Main bigger trees are pukatea.

Looking back up valley to beginning of walk.

Pink/purple tree a toon.

Beneath the toon cream large leaved rhododendron and a smaller red flowered variety.

Second bridge across stream.

Over the years I have lowered the stream to control flooding.

A wild kiwifriut vine climbs up and over a pukatea tree .

The vine provides food for the wood pigeon or keruru.

A weir lets water escape from the neighbours lake.

The lake.




And eels

Small dam diverts water into the lake.

The track winds under a deck and through a group of Kauri trees.

On the property there are five or so kauri trees planted in the late 40s.

The last walkway to be developed which takes us across once impenetrable swamp of paritaniwha.

This walkway provides great views of the swamp and big pukatea and rimu trees on right.

The track then climbs back up the hill past kauri, kowhai, nikau, rimu, tanekaka,  silver fern and king fern.

A collection of old milk barrels and artifacts marks the end of the track.

The end/entrance to the track.

An earlier photographic walk.


nzkoobi said...

Thanks for sharing Bruce. Looks great but I can imagine the hours it takes to establish and maintain. Will be lovely on these spring days.

Bruce said...

Thanks nzkoobi.

Not too much trouble to look after the areas that are mainly native bush ( except for Wandering Jew ). Harder work looking after the more garden type areas.

I usually walk around once or twice a day. Good exercise.