Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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This is an Australian artists expression of ANZAC Day ( Ken Done) about those who left Australia and New Zealnd to fight and die on foreign soil.

When teachers return to school tomorrow it would be a great opportunity to discuss with their classes what they think ANZAC Day means and then to help them clarify their ideas. The casuality figures themselves will leave a deep impression. Students could research with key questions ( using resources the school has and articles from the paper) about Gallipoli and WWW1 and WWW2. They might like to write thoughts about how they might feel if faced with the possibility of death in a foreign country. Using visual resources as inspiration, they could do black and white line drawings.

A small display could feature on the class wall illustrated by poppies and crosses and their thought poems. At the very least a page should be dedicated to ANZAC in their topic books.

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Anonymous said...

ANZAC day is more and more becoming the most significant expression of being a New Zealander it seems.