Sunday, April 23, 2006

The 'Right Stuff'.

  Posted by Picasa With ANZAC Day tomorrow I thought it an idea to think about the 'right stuff' required for courageous teachers if they are to transform our education system – or just to make their current school better.

There is no doubt that it is the qualities of the teacher that makes the difference as to the degree students gain success at school. Of course it goes without saying that the collective power of the teachers can only be fully capitalized on if the conditions are ‘right’ and they are all aligned behind a shared vision of teaching and learning.

All these condition are automatic in times of war but in peaceful times this sense of urgency is replaced by the conservative power of the ‘status quo’. Leadership is thus vital to inspire a worthwhile sense of an alternative future to focus all actions.

So leaders need to be on the lookout for staff with the ‘right stuff’.

Teachers who:

1. Have a passionate belief that all students with appropriate help and time can learn
2 Who can articulate their learning beliefs and are open to new ideas.
3 Can imagine a better learning environment and can see the problems of current reality clearly.
4 Take initiative as a default mode rather than being passive or reactive
5 Make and keep commitments when agreements are made.
6 Cooperate with others.
7 Are accountable for their decisions.
8 Try out new ideas and learn from their mistakes
9 Are curious about new ideas and have sense of imagination.
10 Have integrity and make judgments ethically
11 Have the character and courage to stand up to those who let down the team

Not a bad list.

It is interesting to state them negatively and see how many apply to your staff. With all these in place there is every chance you school will become a 'learning community' well able to win the 'battle' against the so called 'achievement tail'.

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Anonymous said...

Make a great team. A clear vision owned by all, positive leadership, agreed teaching beliefs and a creative staff - couldn't lose!