Monday, February 14, 2011

Inspired Impact Keynote (and workshops)

A number of people have asked for copies of my keynote PowerPoint 'A view From the Edge' and my two workshops PowerPoints presented at the recent highly successful Inspired Impact Conference attended by 1400 teachers.

I have reduced them down to the key slides for each and they are now available for viewing or downloading. One idea is to download and the edit yourself down to key slides.

Keynote: 'A View from the Edge'

Workshop One: 'The Art of Teaching'

Workshop Two : 'The Craft Of Teaching'

I would be interested in your comments


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Bruce and thanks for being happy to share your ideas. Sounds like a great conference - 1400 people wow!

Bruce Hammonds said...

The only way creativity will change things is if ideas are shared.Innovative businesses learnt years ago that if they share ideas their competitors would aways be behind them because such companies always get on with innovating.

Anonymous said...

What would we do without people like you. Thanks yet again for telling it as it is!