Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Educational graphics from Tony Gurr

One of my favourite bloggers is Tony Gurr's site allthings learning.

 Tony's blog  comes to us from Turkey. I recommend joining up  by e-mail  to receive his regular postings. Recently Tony wrote a blog about the importance of graphics in learning and in it he included some of his favourite graphics.

I have selected some I particularly like and, in the main, have let them 'speak' for themselves. It is not hard to pick up his point of view - and that it aligned to my own.

I think the graphic below sums up Tony's point of view

I have my reservations about John Hattie but I like his quote below.

The multiple intelligences of a teachers.
Maria Montessori dedicated her life to helping children at risk..
Tony is a fan of the thinking of Guy Claxton -  one of Claxton's best books is titled 'What Is The Point Of School.'
Engaging all students is the challenge for teachers.
 The very young are born with a desire to learn - way do some lose this drive?
Our schools system is all too often based on industrial age thinking -more Henry Ford than John Dewey!
Pink Floyd had it right!
Guy Claxton writes about the need for teachers to develop students learning power- learnacy.He believes students need the 'Four Rs'. The quote below originally came from Jean Piaget.

Great teachers model learning.
Questions for teachers to ask - the new Three Rs!
Create your classroom as a learning zone - encourage the below attributes.
In real life best solutions emerge -so much for preplanned learning experiences. Survival of the flexible
Sums up a great school!
Schools need to change if all studnts are to realise their gifts and talents.
Idea based cultures - what idea underpin your school? 
 Wise words from Carl Rogers - author of Freedom To Learn'
Actions speak louder than words.
Three Rs and Three Cs
Questions for teachers to ask. 
Create learners who are 'seekers, users and creators of their own knowledge' ( New Zealand Curriculum)
Where does your classroom fit?
The real future literacy!
Teachers' beliefs are vital!
We need to re imagine our schools if all students are to leave equipped to handle the challenges of the future. 

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Thanks for sharing Tony's blog with us - and I like the visual essay you have made from them