Thursday, October 25, 2012

Educational Readings special edition: Sir Robin Alexander, Cambridge Primary Review,

Educational Readings

Special Edition -    By Allan Alach


As an example of the increasingly wide connections being developed in in the anti-GERM campaign, Phil Cullen recently received an email from Professor Robin Alexander, Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge University, Professor of Education Emeritus, University of Warwick, and Director of the Cambridge Primary Review, which has been called;

The most comprehensive enquiry into English primary education for 40 years.’

The value of this review, and associated documents, in supporting the battle for holistic education, worldwide, should not be underestimated. Accordingly this Special Edition provides links to the Review itself, and also to a number of supporting websites. 

New Zealand readers will be interested to note that the former Minister of Education, Anne Tolley, in correspondence with a Board of Trustees chair in Auckland, made the claim that national standards were consistent with the findings of this review. We can conclude from this that she hadn’t bothered to read it.

This set of documents is highly recommended.

Cambridge Primary Review home page:

Cambridge Primary Review Publications Overview:


Cambridge Primary Review Final Report:

Lectures presented by Robin Alexander in Melbourne 2010


THE PERILS OF POLICY Success, amnesia and collateral damage in systemic educational reform

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