Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A book for those interested in making real changes in their lives

Earlier this week I was sent a delightful  e-mail by a former pupil, Jolene Stockman, of the school I was principal of.

Jolene had read one of my blogs about the importance of schools developing in every student positive learning identity, enjoyed it, and thought and thought I would be interested in readinga  small book she has published.

Although it is targeted at teenagers it is equally useful for anyone who wants to create a new life for themselves. I would think it very useful for secondary school students who are having problem working out who they want to become.

The book is called Total Blueprint for World Domination - life planning for teens.

It is a delightful read and I have made use of some of Jolene's ideas myself! It is never to late to dream.

Below is a summary from Jolene's book .

(A Kindle books is available from Amazon and for those interested check out Jolene's blog and website.)

Total Blueprint for World Domination - summary  from the first chapter:

Each chapter contains practical act ivies to develop a personal blueprint.

For world domination you need two things: a superhero and a blueprint.

You’ve already sorted the hero (they’re wearing your shoes), and as you work through this book you will create a total blueprint for domination of your world. Oh, and when you hear “world domination,” forget weapons and wars. Think: magical and emotional worlds. Think: your reality. Achieving world domination means empowering yourself to create the world you want.

Scene One: Super You. We’re going to create a personal vision.

This vision will set the foundation for your new world. Plus, you’ll find out why you are the best person to make your dreams come true!

Scene Two: World Domination.

We’re going to dig up the things that get you excited, and find ways to bring them into your life. We’ll define and design exactly where you want to go. And we’ll dream: big, bigger, biggest, and mind-blowing!

Scene Three: Target. We’ll get SMART, and set up your targets
You’ll feel the deliciousness of anticipation. Your perfect world is well within your sights!

Scene Four: Aim. This is it!

We’re going to take your dreams, and set up a plan. We will aim for your perfect world. Aim for it, ready to take over!

Scene Five: Learn.

We’ll get to know the coolest person on the planet - you! When you ask for help, the universe opens up. You’ll get ready to create your world, and find out how learning can turn any situation into success!

Scene Six: Expose Yourself.

 You will figure out your challenges, and dig up more of the truth about you. You’ll get even braver, and learn how to handle the three kinds of fear: brain, heart, and kryptonite.
Scene Seven: Get to the Yes. You only have control over one person. But you are not on your own! Recruit your world domination army. Plus - persistence, enthusiasm, desire: we’ll find ways to get to the yes!
Scene Eight: Fire!

As you take over your world, you will start to feel the power that you were born with. Your life is an incredible force. You can change, create, grow, inspire. It’s all up to you! What are your intentions?
Scene Nine: Let Go.

You will let go of your beautiful plans and detailed goals. You will relax, have faith, and know that you are open to the ultimate possibilities.

In the book you’ll find tools and jewels you can use to design (and dominate!) your dream world.

The world needs its ass kicked. You’re going to do it. It starts now!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Jolene's philosophy. Thanks for sharing it Bruce said...

Woohoo - that's so cool! Thank you :) Now is definitely the most amazing time to be alive - everything is possible!