Monday, July 30, 2012

DNA of a Twenty First Century Teacher


This blog will be short and sweet - all I am doing is sharing slide programme I found on the web.

The slide share is well worth having a look at.

I found this slide presentation in a roundabout way but thought it worth sharing.
It comes from Zaid a blogger in Malaysia.
My advice to you is to flick through the slide programme noting interesting slides to return to and links provided to explore ideas that attracted your attention more deeply.

I enjoyed it immensely.Zaid has used impressive graphics. I recognised some of the educators Zaid refers to such as Howard Gardner ( 'five minds for the future') and Sir Ken Robinson ( there is a link to his excellent video presentation) but there were many other educational thinkers I was not aware of.

This is how Zaid introduces his presentation:

'During your lifetime you have probably experienced inspirational educators, or witnessed inspiring lectures. But, what about you? Are you such an educator? If not, why not? In this talk, I explored some of the ingredients top educators in the 21st century have, and how we can learn from them, and reinvent ourselves to reach our true potential as an educator'.

The above is an improved version sent to me by Said.

 Zaid's blog is called ZaidLearn. It is worth a look particularly if you are into e-learning.


ZaidLearn said...

Thanks for the constructive feedback...Always learning from other educators' opinions (good or bad!) :)

Paperwerks here is the link to the slide presentation:

From my computer both links worked perfectly fine :)

Again Bruce... Thanks again for making my morning learning round enriching and fun... Have a great week!

P.S. Great blog here, too :)

Warm regards,


ZaidLearn said...

Dear Bruce,

I just realized you explored to older version of the DNA of a 21st Century Educator...Here is the updated version (including 8 more insightful slides) and some amendments:

Thanks and again have a great day!

Warm regards,


Bruce Hammonds said...

I feel a bit guilty Zaid - I meant to ask your approval to use your slideshare.

I have really enjoyed exploring your site and the links in your slideshare.

I have added your improved version.

Al the best from New Zealand