Friday, July 27, 2012

Educational readings: Zong Zhao,Scott McLeod

Here is another excellent article by Yong Zhao

Weekend Readings

 By Allan Alach

If we look at developments around the world through the right set of spectacles, it is possible to pick out the beginnings of a trend where the anti-test/pro-child campaigns are making headway.  However the inevitable result of this will be an increase in the attacks in an effort to maintain the hegemony.

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This week’s homework!

Doublethink: The Creativity-Testing Conflict

Here is another excellent article by Yong Zhao.The title says it all.

Bill Gates: Why ‘game-based learning’ is the future of education.

Continuing the theme from last week…..

The rat race of childhood: Why we need to balance students’ lives

Valerie Strauss’ column “The Answer Sheet’ in the Washington Post is a reliable source of quality educational articles, whether her own, or written by another person.

Chris Lehmann on educational colonialism

US academic Scott McLeod is well worth following. Here he references an article that he felt was very important.

News Corp Rebrands Its Education Division, But Is It Enough for Schools to Trust It?

Murdoch is one of the big players in the commercialisation of education, aided by his henchman, lawyer and self described expert on education, Joel Klein.

Reduce spelling, grammar, phonics, increase free voluntary reading

It’s not all doom and gloom- many voices keep pushing for quality education.

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