Monday, May 13, 2013

New Zealand education. A choice between Creativity and Charter Schools

I am going to keep this posting simple.

Pro Charter Schools
The Charter School movement is gathering momentum and schools need to be aware of the pros and cons - and to share this awareness with their Board of Trustees and their parents generally.

First watch John Banks of New Zealand being positive about Charter Schools in this video clip.  ( 7 minutes)

Then as an alternative watch Auckland University education lecturer Prof Peter O'Conner explaining the pitfalls of Charter Schools ( 10 minutes)

Anti Charter Schools
And to conclude watch  (19min)Sir Ken Robinson vision of a  creative education as  an alternative to the American No Child Left Behind ( NCLB) - a programme of standardised teaching - an approach where many see National Standards leading to.

I know where I stand.

Where do you?

For those who want to get the full picture of education over the past century and where it might go in the future watch this illustrated video of Sir Ken

To learn more about No Child Left Behind (USA) watch this 7min video clip

And to learn what is happening in Australia  ( 5 min)


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Bruce Hammonds said...

For reasons beyond me this posting has become my 10th most popular blog ever - out of about 1500 postings.

Anonymous said...

Most schools are closer to the traditional spectrum than the creative. Time for some real leadership to put into action the inspirational ideas of Sir Ken and the like

teroheihei said...

This is awesome thanks Bruce! I met you with Andy and Wanda when we came to NP with Arts Waikato. This is a great breakdown of the situation in laymans terms. Cheers!

Bruce Hammonds said...

Thanks Teroheihei- appreciate your feedback.