Saturday, July 07, 2012

Weekend Readings

Weekend Readings

 By Allan Alach

It is term break in New Zealand, and Australia, and the summer break in northern hemisphere countries, so I hope all teachers and principals are having a well earned rest. Look after number one! Or, as airlines say, put your own mask on first. You can’t help others if you don’t look after yourself.

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This week’s homework!

League tables will create a stalinist education system?

While this was written from a New Zealand perspective, it fits any standards based education agenda.

How GERM is infecting schools around the world.

This is written by Pasi Sahlberg, author of “ Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn About Educational Change in Finland? and director general of Finland’s Center for International Mobility and Cooperation.

OMG… Please do not do this.

Just in case you thought you’d heard it all, here is the Republican Party policy for Texas education. Warning - nausea alert!

Teacher Incentive Pay Doesn't Work. Unions and Teachers-"We Told You So."

Where is the Future of Education?

Reflections by David Warlick (if you’ve not heard of him, he’s well worth investigating) on the future of education.

Does this section ring any bells for you?

"We’re being convinced that:

   The U.S. is falling behind other nations in education – that  our schools are failing.

   The success of schools and education can be precisely measured and quantified by a corporate testing industry and the constant testing of our children.

   Teachers, protected by labor unions, do not know what they’re doing.

   Business can do it better."

No Dentist Left Behind

This has been around for a while, but is well worth revisiting, to lift the gloom that can overpower us. Thanks to Danny Nicholls, Principal, St. Patrick's School, Taupo, for the link.

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Ivon Prefontaine said...

Bruce, thank you again for some excellent reading ideas. I am fortunate and have had the opportunity to hear Dr. Sahlberg speak. He is very clear that what they do in Finland is not what should be done in New Zealand or Alberta or wherever. It is a not one size fits all model. It is so refreshing to hear an 'expert' speak that way. His suggestion is use what is usable, modify as needed,discard the pieces that need to be discarded, and reflect on what is worth keeping from the existing system. It is a thoughtful and thought provoking process.

Take care,