Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stop Stealing Dreams - Seth Godin








A good friend sent me this manifesto on education written by Seth Godin. It is worth a read. It is rather long but written in a very assessable style.


 Message from Seth:

"Feel free to read and share. But don’t edit or charge for it.
If you’d like the other editions, including a handy PDF on-screen edition, click here.
 'if you don’t underestimate me, I won’t underestimate you'
Bob Dylan
 Dedicated to every teacher who cares enough to change the system, and to every student brave enough to stand up and speak up"

www.stopstealingdreams.com is ready to read and share

"What do you think we ought to do about education?"
My readers ask me that question more than just about any other. So here's my question back: What is school for? (Click the link to get to the free download).
I've just published a 30,000 word manifesto, totally free to read, share, translate, print and, most of all, use to start an essential conversation. It took a lot to get it to you, and I'm encouraging you to take a few minutes to check it out. After you read it, perhaps you'll write one of your own.
This is an experiment in firestarting--I'm hoping that removing friction from the sharing of this idea will help it spread.

If you're interested in the topic (and I hope you are), please tweet or like the project page, download the files, post mirror copies on your own blog and if you can, email them to every teacher, parent and citizen who should be part of the discussion about what we do with our kids all day (and why). If just a fraction of this blog's readers shared it with their address book, we'd reach a lot of people.
If you get a chance, visit the page and give a shoutout to a teacher that's made a difference to you or your kids.

 Ultimately, our future belongs to a generation that decides to be passionate about learning  and great teachers are the foundation for that

The economy has changed, probably forever.

School hasn't.

School was invented to create a constant stream of compliant factory workers to the growing businesses of the 1900s. It continues to do an excellent job at achieving this goal, but it's not a goal we need to achieve any longer.

In this 30,000 word manifesto, I imagine a different set of goals and start (I hope) a discussion about how we can reach them. One thing is certain: if we keep doing what we've been doing, we're going to keep getting what we've been getting.

Our kids are too important to sacrifice to the status quo.

Printable copy of manifesto

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Anonymous said...

I read through Seth's manifesto - an extremely interesting read. Thanks for sharing his ideas Bruce. Should be compulsory reading for politicians and all principals.