Friday, February 03, 2012

What do your students ( or you) know about the Treaty of Waitangi?

Who was Hone Heke?

This Monday students have a holiday to celebrate the Treaty of Waitangi. I wonder what students thoughts are about the Treaty and why it was signed and how it is still relevant today?

By the time anyone reads this Waitangi Day will be over and who knows what might have happened. Whatever is is a excellent time for students to brush up on some New Zealand history  and to clarify their thoughts and to challenge any misconceptions.

Most schools have plenty of resourcesfor students to research.

It might be useful for students to individually 'mind map' or write out their thoughts  ( prior ideas) about the the Treaty and then to share them in groups - sharing ideas is an excellent way to build up knowledge.Then groups could share with the class. Individuals and groups could also be asked for their questions that they can later define to research.

At the conclusion the class, led by the teacher, could list main points and the class could consider what 'better' ideas they have gained through the process.

Innovative teachers might like to dig deeper into the topic and explore and present their findings using range of media - artistic and electronic.

The study could also result in the class drawing up a treaty of their own outlining behavioural expectations for the teacher and the class.

For further information on a lesson based around Waitangi Day.

An excellent research outline to use

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